We Are Activist Investors Focused on Fundamental Value

Taylor Value Capital leverages a research driven approach to pinpoint opportunities in high quality, mispriced securities to strategically drive capital growth in investor portfolios.

  • Value-focused

    We invest in high-quality, but deeply mispriced securities.

  • Research-driven

    We perform exhaustive due diligence that goes far beyond fundamental analysis.

  • Opportunistic

    We take long and short positions to take advantage of both under- and over-valued securities.

  • Patient

    We identify opportunities early, then wait for the right price to enhance upside potential and limit downside risk.

  • Activists

    We identify, initiate, and execute on opportunities to enhance both business and shareholder value.

Our Investment Philosophy

We Believe That

Underpriced companies will get recognized

by a strategic buyer or by the markets, and eventually realize their full value.

Market downturns represent opportunities

to take advantage of mispriced, but high-quality companies.

Increased passive capital flows

through exchange traded funds (ETFs), as well as high-frequency and momentum traders, have created greater disparity in company mispricing.

A consultative approach to investment activism unlocks value

and improves shareholder returns.

A Unique & Compelling Combination of Advantages


An information edge

With deep knowledge of the inner workings of publicly traded organizations, we have perspective and insight to uncover information that may remain hidden to other investors.


Long experience creating shareholder value

The portfolio manager has a track record of driving up stock values through strategic transformations at multiple Fortune 500 companies.


Consultative approach to activism

We work with company management teams to identify catalysts and execute on opportunities to maximize the business value.


Low cost basis

We invest in significantly undervalued securities where the upside potential is significantly greater than the downside risk, thus creating a margin of safety.


Aligned interests

We invest our own money in the strategy, ensuring that our interests are aligned with those of our investors.

Taylor Value Capital employs disciplined due diligence through a combination of:

An Activist Approach

Ongoing Research

Continuous & Disciplined Portfolio Analysis

Value Delivered Through

Portfolio Expertise

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