Adam Taylor

Founder & Portfolio Manager

Adam’s expertise in investment research, executive management team assessment, valuation, transition negotiation, value creation, and identifying untapped growth comes from decades of experience as an officer and C-level executive, leading transformations operations, strategy and M&A teams for large publicly traded companies. He has led more than $80 Billion worth of acquisitions and divestitures. He often serves as a resource to CEOs and Boards of Directors looking for new opportunities to create shareholder value.

We Are Activist Investors Focused on Fundamental Value

Taylor Value Capital leverages a research driven approach to pinpoint opportunities in high quality, mispriced securities to strategically drive capital growth in investor portfolios.

  • Value-focused

    We invest in high-quality, but deeply mispriced securities.

  • Research-driven

    We perform exhaustive due diligence that goes far beyond fundamental analysis.

  • Opportunistic

    We take long and short positions to take advantage of both under- and over-valued securities.

  • Patient

    We identify opportunities early, then wait for the right price to enhance upside potential and limit downside risk.

  • Activists

    We identify, initiate, and execute on opportunities to enhance both business and shareholder value.

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